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    Mark Anthony
  • We had a wonderful couple of weeks exploring Ethiopia last November. We discovered a beautiful country with a very interesting history. We can only but recommend a trip guided by Assefa to this wonderful country.


A land of Diversity – Regions by Regions

About Ethiopia

Dissected by deep and gigantic gorges, dominated by towering mountains, bejewelled by chains of lakes, watered by majestic rivers, studded with burning deserts and great escarpments that plunging down from its highlands, Ethiopia remains the land of an outstanding beauty.

It is not just the sheer scale of its geographical contrasts which characterises the land where the Blue Nile, the world’s largest river carved one of the deepest and dramatic gorges, but also its ancient and medieval monuments, untouched culture and history and the diversity of its unique flora and fauna that makes this ancient land unique place.

Ethiopia, bisected by the Great Rift Valley, is as old as time itself – its civilisation representing the dawn of human evolution. It is the land of Queen of Sheba known as Makeda in Ethiopia, and of Axum and its towering Obelisks and home to the Ark of the Covenant; Lalibela home to the 11-Rock hewn churches which are protected by UNESCO, Gondar the Ethiopian medieval City known for its dozens of crenelated castles and the land that became Christian before much of the rest of the world.

” We do believe that Ethiopia Odyssey will be of your Choice in this land of endless Beauty!”

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Multi-lingual Professional

Our multi lingual professional Guides, experienced Drivers and Office Staffs are all with you from the beginning to the end to make your holidays a life time Experience.

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Our local knowledge and deep experience in Ethiopian Tourism Sector enables us to come out with the best travel ideas and professional approaches combined together.

Truly professional

Truly professional in our guiding techniques, we take you far close to the layers of History, Archaeology, People and Culture, well documented Religious Tradition.