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The very interesting part of this tour is because of the way it’s planned in order to give you a tremendous experience from the massive wealth of well documented history, culture, religion, art, festivals (Historic Route), to the un contacted world heritage Omo Valley which is off the beaten truck where dozens of tribes live in their own ways of life that have nothing alike even in the current Africa. This unique tribal culture expressed through the vocabulary of body paintings, scarification, stylistic hairdo, lip – plate, colourful rituals of marriage, songs, dances and oral traditions. It also takes you through chains of Rift Valley Lakes, open Savana National parks of Mago and Omo, to the ever green fertile Sidama region home to the famous Sidama Coffee, to the Afro- alpine Bale Mountain National park a hidden secrete of Ethiopia, Awash National park a paradise of birds where the largest population of Oryx used to be found and Harar the cultural museum of eastern Ethiopia. Traveling from the north to the Omo Valley makes your journey once a life time experience through its sheer difference. We recommend to Our Clients who want to visit Ethiopia just not to come to see only the frequently visited Historic route, but put the Omo Valley on the list, too.

Historic Route, Omo Valley, Bale Mountains NP, Awash NP combined